SIT50422 Diploma of Hospitality Management

‘Embark on a journey with this qualification that unlocks pathways into diverse realms of the hospitality sector, positioning you as a manager of departments or a shrewd proprietor of small enterprises’.

Diploma graduates function autonomously, shoulder team leadership responsibilities, and wield their judgment to enact an array of operational determinations vital to business success. Your potential employers span an array of establishments such as upscale restaurants, deluxe hotels, charming motels, dynamic catering ventures, vibrant clubs and trendy coffee shops.

Choosing ACCESS means both you and your employer will dive into one of today’s most cutting-edge, industry-specific work-based training programs. We’ll collaborate to arm you with the essential knowledge, hands-on skills, and firsthand experience needed to thrive in the dynamic realm of hospitality.

Admission Requirements

  1. To undertake this qualification with ACCESS Recognised Training you must be employed in a fully operational hospitality establishment;
  2. Sound English language, literacy and numeracy skills (ACSF – Level 5); and
  3. Successful completion of Certificate IV in Hospitality.

Estimated Course Duration and Study Load

6 – 12 months. The course duration will vary depending on the number of credit transfers and the individual progress of each student. At a minimum,  students are expected to complete one unit of competency per month.

Training Delivery Locations

The student’s workplace and various hospitality venues around the ACT for off-the-job training delivery.

Modes of Delivery

  1. Work-based training

Study and Funding Pathways

Traineeship, ASBA, Fee-For-Service or Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Fees and Charges

Nationally Recognised Training(NRT)