Katherine Brown – Culinary and Hospitality Educator

About Katherine Brown

Katherine Brown is a qualified chef and educator with an impressive career spanning over 25 years in the realm of hospitality and culinary. Throughout her extensive journey, Katherine has held pivotal roles as a Executive Chef, showcasing her prowess in a wide array of critical areas including roster and staff management, financial planning, menu conceptualisation, cost analysis, inventory control and food safety.  

Katherine’s enthusiasm for the hospitality and culinary industry fuels her dedication to enlightening her students on the intricacies of the field. Witnessing individuals flourish and enhance their lives through the knowledge and expertise they acquire brings her immense satisfaction. Their success, propelled by a shared passion for their roles, resonates deeply with her own commitment.

As a highly valued member of the Access Recognised Training team Katherine extends comprehensive guidance and support to a diverse range of students. She imparts invaluable skills in cooking, baking, customer service and coffee effectively connecting with students from diverse educational backgrounds. 

Kath’s journey as a chef and educator has endowed her with a profound understanding of the culinary world, exceptional interpersonal skills, and an unwavering drive for improvement and innovation.