Australian School Based Apprenticeship (ASBA)


An Australian School-based Apprenticeship is an Australian Apprenticeship which is undertaken part-time while the Australian Apprentice is at school. An Australian School-based Apprenticeship arrangement combines paid employment as an apprentice or a trainee, off-the-job vocational training and secondary school studies.

An Australian School-based Apprenticeship provides secondary school students with hands-on industry experience, and the ability to work towards or complete a nationally recognised qualification, while they complete their secondary school certificate.

An Australian School-based Apprentice undertakes a combination of secondary school subjects, paid work and vocational training undertaken on or off the job. An Australian School-based Apprentice can undertake training in a traditional trade or other occupation at the Certificate I, II, III.

The training may be undertaken for a couple of hours every week and will occur outside of school hours. For a Certificate III level qualification delivered in the ACT, the number of hours an Australian School-based Apprentice needs to be employed for is 15 hours per week. This includes off-the-job theory based training and assessment. Hospitality ASBA’s can undertake their paid employment outside of school hours, such as on the weekend, or this may also occur during school hours. These arrangements depend on the requirements of the employer.

An Australian Apprenticeship is an ideal way to get the high-level skills you need for a successful career while getting paid. Under an Australian Apprenticeship you earn while you learn.

Australian Apprentices are usually employed under a federal or state award or agreement. They are paid a wage which varies depending on a number of factors including which year of their training they are in, the type of Australian Apprenticeship they are doing and the industry or occupation.

ASBA pathways with Access Recognised Training include:

Australian School-Based Apprenticeship