If you are experiencing difficulty finding Food and Beverage Attendants and/or quality Kitchen Staff, 'Hotstart' could be just what you have been looking for.
It is becoming increasingly difficult to recruit suitable entry-level staff to our organisation. Consequently, we have been forced to find new ways to recruit and attract talent. This is why I fully endorse and support the “Hotstart” program. The ability to create strong relationships with ACT schools provides an excellent recruitment source to meet our future labour resource needs
Anthony Hill
What is Hotstart?
‘Hotstart’ is a brand new initiative aimed at discovering ACT school students with the hospitality 'gene'. Once we find them, we prepare them for work experience with one of our partner employer organisations. If work experience is a success partner employers may consider employing students through an Australian School-Based Apprenticeship (ASBA) pathway (if agreed to by all parties).

Work Experience Host Employer Information (WEX)

A ‘Hotstart’ WEX placement is one-week of unpaid participation in the workplace as a learner. All ‘Hotstart’ students will be offered the opportunity to undertake a WEX placement. This is a very important component of the program as it allows students and employers to identify if the workplace is a good fit and if offering an ASBA placement is appropriate.

‘Hotstart’ employers who accept a work experience WEX student will need to abide by the ACT WEX Guidelines and Requirements 2012.  Employers will need to liaise with the school WEX Coordinator and complete the necessary documentation provided by the school including e.g Host Employer Details Form, Host Employer Suitability Form, WEX placement outside standard hours form (if required).

Workers Compensation Insurance Arrangements for WEX students

The ACT Education Directorate has indemnification insurance coverage for WEX placement activities.

What are my obligations as an employer for accepting a WEX student?
  • Abide by ACT WEX guidelines and requirements;
  • Liaise with the school WEX Coordinator and ‘Hotstart’ Program Manager;
  • Roster the student at times that are reasonable and fair and with appropriate notice;
  • Rotate the student through various areas of the workplace;
  • Provide training activities and opportunities for the student to practice their new skills;
  • Ensure the student has adequate supervision and a safe working environment, free of
    discrimination and all forms of harassment; and
  • Provide feedback to the student and school/’Hotstart’ Program Manager on the student’s performance.
Hotstart Contact
Mr Paul Butler
Program Manager
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Australian School-based Apprenticeship (ASBA) Information

An ASBA offers students, 15 years of age or over, the opportunity to achieve a nationally recognised vocational qualification by combining paid work and training as part of their education program. The ASBA must complete a minimum of 15 hours per week and a maximum of 20 hours per week. This includes 12 hours of work and three hours per week of structured training. The nominated training provider in all cases will be Access Recognised Training RTO Code 88203.

If all parties (student/parent/school/employer/RTO) agree to the terms and conditions of an ASBA, the student will commence employment and training with the partner employer. Group Training arrangements are available if partner employers would prefer not to employ the ASBA directly. The ‘Hotstart’ Program Manager will assist the employer to navigate the ASBA process along with providing additional support throughout the duration of the ASBA e.g mentoring, pastoral care.

ASBA Wage Rates* Hospitality General Award 2010
Commercial Cookery Apprentice
1st and 2nd Year
Food and Beverage Attendant
1st and 2nd Year (16 years and under)
1st Year (17 years)
*Indicative only. Pay rates may vary depending on relevant award, penalty rates and award rate increases.
Host Employer Wage Rates*
Commercial Cookery Apprentice
1st and 2nd Year
minus $3.00 special GTO subsidy for first 40 weeks of employment
TOTAL: $16.41
Food and Beverage Attendant
Year 11
minus $3.00 special GTO subsidy for first 40 weeks of employment
TOTAL: $15.22
Year 12
minus $3.00 special GTO subsidy for first 40 weeks of employment
TOTAL: $17.06
*Indicative only. GTO rates may vary depending on relevant award, penalties, award rate increases and GTO commissions.
Employer Incentives for ASBA's*
After 6 months of employment
After completion
Full-time employment bonus after completion
* Conditions apply.