Payment and Refund Policy

Payment and Refund Policy

A) Traineeships, Apprenticeships and Skilled Capital Tuition Fees

  • The ACT Government provides a contribution towards the cost of your training. The amount of subsidy for each qualification is different, depending on level of skills needs and the total costs to deliver the training;  
  • Tuition fees will be invoiced on enrolment. Employers may pay tuition fees on behalf of students;
  • Skilled Capital tuition fees are due on either qualification cancellation or qualification completion (if student is ineligible for the student completion bonus) or on receipt of the student completion bonus (if student is eligible for the student completion bonus);    
  • ACCESS fees and charges are published on for each training course and training initiative;
  • ACCESS tuition fees for each qualification per delivery mode are published on the ACT Qualifications register;   
  • ACCESS may choose to withhold training services where there is non payment of tuition fees;
  • Tuition fees paid prior to receipt of the student completion bonus will not be refunded if the student cancels before completion. Notwithstanding this policy, the Managing Director may consider issuing a refund if special circumstances exist; and  
  • ACCESS may choose to withhold certification until full payment of student tuition fees has been received.

B) Fee Concessions

Australian Apprentices and Skilled Capital students who hold a current Health Care Card or Pension Card, or can prove genuine hardship, are eligible for a concession from the tuition fee. Students concession eligibility is determined at pre-assessment and/or enrolment and include the evidence the student (trainee, apprentice or skilled capital participant).

Example of evidence required for fee concession can include (list not exhaustive):

  • Health Care Card
  • Pension Card
  • Eviction notice
  • One-on-one discussion with the Managing Director or his representative outlining student’s financial circumstances
  • Bank notice indicating financial position
  • Repossession notice of essential items e.g motor vehicle
  • Pending disconnection notice of essential services
  • Letter of support from Medical Doctor indicating inability to work for an extended period
  • Letter from registered charitable organisation outlining the Apprentices inability to provide for basic necessities.

The Managing Director may choose to waive the remaining fee for students that are eligible for a fee concession. Please contact ART for further information and advice regarding fee concessions.

C) Fee for Service Students

  • Fee for Service tuition fees and charges are agreed to prior to the commencement of training and will be listed in full on the ART tax invoice or formal quote issued to the student or employer;
  • ACCESS may choose to cease or withhold training services where there is non payment of tuition fees;
  • Tuition fees will not be refunded when the cancellation takes place after the commencement of training services by ACCESS; and
  • ACCESS reserves the right to withhold certification until full payment of student tuition fees has been received.

d) Assessment Visit Cancellation Fee

A $50.00 assessment visit cancellation fee will apply if apprentices have not submitted all the required evidence as per the student assessment schedule by the final assessment due date. Apprentices may apply for an extension of the final assessment due date up to 72 hours prior to the assessment occurring. Valid reasons must be provided for the extension to be granted. The employer must submit extension requests for apprentices.   

e) Original Certificate Re-Print Fee

On request ACCESS will re-print original certificates/testamurs  for a $25.00 fee. Please use the Fee Payment drop down bar above and select Original Certificate Re-print to make your payment through Paypal. When making your payment please list in the “Add special instructions to the seller” section (under the e-mail field on the payment details screen) your full name, course/qualification details and contact phone number.

F) Refund Policy

After we have processed your enrolment, we are unable to arrange refunds (where applicable) except in the following circumstances:

  • Course cancelled by ART;
  • Learners provide at least one week’s notice prior to commencement of training (face-to-face delivery mode only);
  • A review of the skills assessment process could mean a learner does not have to undertake the full course/qualification;
  • A learner mistakenly enrols into a course and seeks to withdraw and re-enrol into the correct course*;
  • Learner is unable to commence course/qualification due to illness/accident (face-to-face delivery mode only); and
  • Overpayment of fee.

*A course cancellation fee of $25.00 applies. This will be deducted from your initial course payment i.e. if you mistakenly enrol into RSA Refresher ($35.00) and wish to withdraw and re-enrol into the Full RSA course ($45.00) you will be reimbursed $10 ($35 – $25). You will then be required to re-enrol into the Full RSA course at a cost of $45.00.