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Occupational Trainees are semi-skilled workers that want to come to Australia to start a new life and develop their skills in western cooking. They are highly motivated and committed workers and are extremely grateful for the opportunity provided to them. Occupational trainees have the potential to become long term and highly valued members of a hospitality organisation.

Occupational Trainees enter the country on a Training and Research Visa (402) through employer sponsorship and can remain in the country under this visa for 24 months. After this time the candidate can move into other Visa types such as a 187, 189 or 457 providing the employer is willing to continue the sponsorship.

Occupational Trainees will commence training at the same time they commence work with the sponsor employer. They will be enrolled into a Certificate III in Commercial Cookery or Patisserie qualification with ACCESS and undertake an Apprenticeship style workplace training program. The employer will be required to support training in the workplace just as they would if they had hired an Australian Apprentice.

The Occupational Trainee Program is a partnership between Access Recognised Training and Speedy Global Jobs.

Contact Peter Hayes on 0402 021 782 for more information.

Please click here to download our Occupational Trainee Employer Information Pack.

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