Andre Matuszyk – Senior Culinary Educator

About Andre Matuszyk

Andre Matuszyk is a seasoned professional who has mastered the art of culinary craftsmanship from being a Chef and Patissier to a Chocolatier and now a remarkable Culinary Educator. 

Andre’s fervor for the world of gastronomy is nothing short of contagious. His knowledge and skillset transcend his years of experience, and his insatiable hunger for industry insights remains unyielding. Pose a question to Andre, and he’ll respond as if reciting from a culinary encyclopedia. Assign him a technical task, and he executes it with a blend of precision and flair that’s truly impressive.

Andre’s reputation garners immense respect from employers and students alike. His ingenuity shines through in his continuous exploration of inventive methods to engage and cater to student needs. The outstanding achievements of his students are a testament to the effectiveness of his approach.

With a robust educational background, Andre is a distinguished VET practitioner, holding an Associate Degree in Adult Education from Charles Sturt University. His involvement in training and assessment development and validation showcases his expertise in shaping effective learning experiences.

Not only does Andre impart culinary wisdom, but he also dons the roles of host, production manager, and tech support officer for the Access Podcast. This captivating platform features long-form interviews with students and industry professionals, delving into their career journeys and motivations.

Andre’s influence extends to the digital realm as well. He adeptly handles the responsibilities of being the social media manager for Access, effectively communicating the organisation’s endeavors to a wider audience.

In essence, Andre Matuszyk embodies a multifaceted culinary virtuoso who seamlessly translates his skills into education, podcasting, and digital engagement.